Is there an Hermes Anonymous?

  1. I need help!:wtf:
    I love Hermes bags, scarves, accessories, whathaveyou.:love: I've never felt this strongly about LV, Chanel,
    Dior, etc.. I get a thrill when I buy Hermes and a bigger thrill when I share on tPF.:yahoo: I get a high with everyone's gratitude and wishes...but I want that celebration again KWIM? I love the I sick?:throwup:
  2. be careful and slow down.
    perfectly normal, but the things you are saying you love are temporary things, so you're setting yourself up to chase a very fleeting feeling. dangerous.
    stop and enjoy the items for themselves, their usefulness to you, and their quality.
  3. Those are very wise words HH!...I wish I could put them into practice......:rolleyes:
  4. I'm with you, love! i need it....but maybe after a few more items!;) :nuts:
  5. I need one...the thing that is interesting is that even if you decided (meaning me) that you can't do more bags...there are wallets and scarves and bangles and perfume and other things you can have!
  6. yes, didn't someone say recently hermes is the new crack? lol.

    i hear you, lovehermes. it is a wonderful joyous high to find the appreciation of hermes and jump in but like HH said, be careful. 15 scarves and/or bracelets equal one mighty nice handbag! or a small used car.

    enjoy it but don't forget to keep those tPFer feet on the ground ;)
  7. ^^thanks to all of you!;)
    I think what I need to do is take inventory of all the bags I am not using and sell them? Maybe...
  8. Whatcha got? I love hearing about people's bags!
  9. I feel the need to join!
  10. I hear you lovehermes! I have been obsessed with Hermes for almost 2 years now, but tPF seems to making Hermes even more irresistable. When you find others who appreciate and admire your new "gets", it really adds to the fun of acquiring them. And the when you read and see the gorgeous things others are acquiring, you get ideas....:graucho:
  11. I totally agree!! Not sure if it's a good thing or not lol!!!