Is there an EXTRA Jumbo classic flap?

  1. I saw the most beautiful chanel bag today! of course, i was out shopping, actually was in the coach boutique trying to find a throw around bag that i won't have a heart attack when mud gets on it, when I saw this totally put together older (anything older than me is well, older) white-blonde haired woman wearing a theme of white and yellow.

    she was trying on the cutest coach espadrilles and my eyes were totally caught on her bag. it was the largest classic flap i've seen; classic because of the double cc's. i've seen the jumbo size and this is definitely bigger.

    and the color, oh the color... Gold metallic (but not overly shiny that it looked tacky) with Gold hardware. it totally matched her outfit. AND she had the attitude where she could pull off that size. she was also quite tall (close to 6ft) so the size looked great on her.

    i have to say, i could never pull that look, but She looked amazing. is there a classic flap bigger than the jumbo?
  2. Hm... maybe it was vintage? Don't take my word for it as I am no expert, but I know that in photos that I've seen and older bags I've seen, the CC are huge and the bag appears bigger (at least to me) than some of the new bags. That's just a theory, I don't know how true it is.
  3. I also think that it was an older style jumbo bag... I have a black lambskin vintage jumbo (a term I use loosely - I think it was originally purchased around 1990ish), and it's definitely bigger than today's jumbo (height wise, etc), with a larger Chanel clasp too. :smile:

  4. yeah extra jumbos do exist because i wanted to buy one on anns. they're made in the 90s (i believe) and were only out for so long..i was told that it was limited edition to celebrate chanel's anniversary.
  5. my mom has the huge jumbo classic flap......its drop dead gorgeous, gold h/w and i think its lambskin (black) ...early 90s i think. i wish they made them today, in caviar............i would love that style to be big enough to "throw" things into without having to pack them in if you carry alot which i do (i have the jumbo classic which fits alot but the items really do need to be placed in the bag and not carefreely tossed which for me, is the way to go, bagwise, for daytime)
  6. Hi Purse-onality,
    Is the leather of your mom's jumbo classic flap a sturdier type of lambskin compared to the present lambskin material of today's jumbo flaps?
    I have come across a couple of authentic extra jumbos in black (made in the '90s) that seem to have a more durable and more scratch-resistant leather. I also own one and sometimes I think the leather is more like calfskin. My medium lambskin classic flap is so easily scratched by a finger nail , but the extra jumbo resists scratching.:confused1:

    Have any of you who own vintage extra jumbo flaps and jumbo flaps in lambskin observed these differences? Any thoughts on this?

    Thanks :smile:
  7. Yes, I noticed that also with my XL Jumbo :yes:
    The leather is a lot more sturdy than the "normal" lambskin.
  8. Thanks for your input, Nathalie. :smile: