Is There An Existing Chanel Purse You Would Alter, And If So, Why?

  1. I would make the baby animal flap bigger: at least the size of the jumbo classic (12" long), or even 14" long.........but still that timeless classic style. Because more would fit inside it............and I would use it more often
    also, would make the links connecting the big CC charm on the Cabas to the bag itself, longer so the charm would dangle outside of the bag consistently and therefore be seen all the time so people would be jealous LOL ::evil little smile::

    what about you? ;)
  2. ID totally make the denim cabas the size of a smaller baby cabas bag..LOL...I was quite frustrated at how big it was on me..SNIFF
  3. I would remove the interior flap of all double flap bags including the medium flap and the reissue. I really think the interior flap is making it kinda a hassel to get inside the bag and take up significant spaces of the bag. The medium flap without the interior flap would be an ideal size for me!!!
  4. i would like to have the chain on the E/W classic flap to be longer so it can be worn messenger style

    i would also like to have a detachable chain on the timeless classic clutch
  5. I would remove some of the chains on the new lock bag so that it's not too heavy and make the chains a little longer that way they are not so snugged on my armpit.
  6. I would replace the toggle closure on the Cotton Club totes with something more secure. I would put the CC logo on the leather of the baby Cabas (like the mommy Cabas). And I would alter the price tags on all of the bags that have seen increases back to their original price points.
  7. I would have Chanel offer the tote bags with no HW and no chain, just a leather shoulder strap because it is easier to wear sometimes. I don't have to worry about silver chains matching my gold jewelry or the strap being too obvious if I want to be more subdued. Although I still like a little dangling CC... love those!

    A nice leather strap... what's wrong with that? :shrugs:
  8. I totally agree, i'd do the same thing! :yes:
  9. I might make the leather handles on the Medallian totes a tad longer so they are more comfy under the arms. I would also make them in rich brown and a rich burgundy color. I get kind of bored with the white, bege and black. It would be gorgeous in a steel grey too.

  10. I would make the cabas a zipper top bag.
  11. I would make them available for me to purchase!!!! I still cant find 2 of the bags I want:crybaby:
  12. Forget the heavy, too short chains. They need to be longer to accommodate winter coats and aid in the ease of entry into the purse

    A real large flap, something between the medium and jumbo, and yes, what purpose is that inner flap anyway? Is it so stuff doesn't fall out?

    Previous suggestions, I ditto. If only Chanel would tune in here and act on them.
  13. So agree!!:p
  14. I would make the baby Cabas even smaller, in a lovely soft leather.
  15. I would def buy that bag if it came in a smaller size! (SNIFF TOO!)