Is there an age/size limit to wear WOC?

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  1. #1 Apr 6, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2016
    I'm considering buying a wallet with chain from Gucci. I see this trend everywhere and I like it, but I see it mainly on younger girls. I am 37 yr old, 5 foot 6 on the heavier side. Most of my bags are bigger ones, but I'm kinda sick of always having big bags. Will a WOC look good on me?do you think it looks too much like chanel WOC ?
  2. This is it

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  3. I don't see convenience & comfort as age/weight restrictive.
    A woc fits everyone, imo.
  4. I think it's fine too. They look good on everyone.

    Only thing I would be concerned about is if you're going to wear it cross-body, the chain is long enough so it hits at the bottom of your waist/hip. Otherwise, it may look funny.
  5. I think age has zero to do with bag choice.

    However, I do think size has to be considered for the look. For example, I've seen many of the petite TPF'rs choose a smaller bag because they feel it looks better on their frame. In contrast, I'm slim but tall and wear high heels making me 6" in my shoes so I tend to shy away from micro bags. Partly because I want to carry more in my bags but also partly because they look like a teeny postage stamp on my hip. LOL! Another friend is slim but very bosomy ao she has to make sure there is the right size and length of strap on her crossbodies or they sit too high and / or the strap gets lost in the girls. 😂

    So, I echo BPC and suggest you try the bag on so you can see if the strap is long enough so the bag hits at the bottom of the hip for a good look and to be a good spot for your hand to reach. I'd also try it on so you don't get the postage stamp look but instead the cute crossbody look.

    Good luck and share a reveal!!! 😄
  6. I think WOCs look good on everyone. I agree with the comment about petite girls looking for smaller bags so they don't get overwhelmed by a large bag but I don't think the opposite is true.

    Try it on and see how you feel :smile:
  7. If a bag fits in with your overall style it doesn't matter what age or the size/height you are.
  8. Agree that a WOC looks good on everyone regardless of age/size :smile: