Is there an age limit for bridesmaids?

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  1. How old is too old to be a bridesmaid? I know as long as a person is unmarried she can be a bridesmaid but is there an age limit???
  2. I say there is really no age limit, but then again I'm not too traditional to begin with :biggrin:
  3. I don't there's an age limit as long as she's not married yet :amuse:
  4. I was a married bridesmaid...or is it matron? I shudder at the thought! I actually don't think there are any rules, although I would love it if I could convince my best freind that 39, married, with two kids is too old!! ;)
  5. No age limit!
  6. No age limit...who said they cant be married!!!??
  7. I have been a bridesmaid more times than I'd care to admit. I've been married for 12 years and the last time I was a bridesmaid .... erm ... matron ... yikes ... was two years ago.:shame: At this point in my life (early forties) I'd really rather not. However, when someone asks you to partake in their special day and they are a good friend or close relative what can you say? Thankfully, I don't anticipate being asked again anytime soon.:nuts:
  8. I don't think there's an age limit. I think the bride should be surronded by the people she loves. :o) I was my sister's matron of honor, it was pretty cool. My children were in the wedding party, too.
  9. I think they can be married. Traditionally, they were called Matrons of Honour, though -- right?
  10. No rules! LOL!
    I had an 8 yr old Jr Bridesmaid and both of my other bridesmaids were married. It's YOUR wedding, do what makes YOU happy!
  11. I don't think there are hard-and-fast rules about these things any more. IMO, you should be able to have whomever is important in your life participate in your big day, provided they also want to.
  12. I don't think age should be an issue. Do you really care that much what people would think? Plus, I have never heard of the rule that bridesmaids should be unmarried. If that's true, than I broke that rule when I got married and 3 out 4 of my bridesmaids were married. It's YOUR wedding!!! You do what YOU want!!!
  13. I remember that rule about bridesmaids being unmarried, and I think it's a throwback to an era when you'd put the single girls on display in hopes of getting them married off.

    Also from that era, once you got married your primary focus was to be on the husband/kids, and socializing with your girlfriends was seen as somehow taking away from that.
  14. Actually, I was ASKED to be a bridesmaid but I thought I was too old. (43) But thanks everyone for your feedback as I feel much better now! :biggrin: I don't know why I thought a bridesmaid had to be unmarried :shame:
  15. There is an old (and untrue !) saying that goes - "three times a bridesmaid, never a bride", maybe it's just like one of those associated images of unmarried bridesmaids.