Is there an afterlife for handbags which have served us well?

  1. The love of my life bought this bag for me for Valentines day over fifteen years ago. I carried her every day for years! She has served me well. As you can see, she should be laid to rest but is still sitting there amongst the offspring of Kate Spade, Michael by Michael Kors, Ferragamo etc. Am I doing her a disservice? I haven't carried her for at least thirteen years and she'd be of no service to anyone but I can't just throw her in the garbage. I wonder if she looks around at her shelfmates and feels old and useless? She is very special to me and I need to put her down gracefully but I don't have any idea how to? How do handbag lovers bury past loves with dignity and respect? Am I crazy? No, don't answer that! LOL. Does anyone else have a bag in the same predicament? Please help. :sad:
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  2. Is it worth sending to a place like LovinMyBags to be restored?? I'd hate to just toss it.
  3. that's a great idea Lex!

    the only thing i could think of is maybe (if you're that into your bags) you could buy yourself a nice trunk, and keep "retired" bags in a keepsake trunk. thats probably what i would do, it would be impossible for me to throw that bag out!
  4. You could use it as a beauty case to store all your make up, so she wouldn't feel useless!
  5. Yes, my first more expensive purse was a D&B and I just can't get myself to sell it or give it away. I will never wear the thing again but I just can't let it go. I think it's the memories it represents that makes me keep it.

  6. i LOVE that idea!
  7. It was a gift from someone special, so it has sentimental value even if you don't carry it. You should keep it. I like everyone's suggestions.
  8. There are alot of causes now that help women get back to work and they offer them a suit and handbag so they will be able to attend interviews dressed appropriately. I remember seeing one on Oprah. I'll do some research. If the bag is in good shape, but not necessarily something you might get much money for it might be worth donating to a good cause.
  9. Nice idea!
  10. Why not restore her as best you can and keep her for your daughter or granddaughter?

    Tuck a handwritten note inside of the bag about it's history so the family knows. Good memories are worth saving.
  11. I'm sorry to break the mood ladies...but I'm all for giving away, throwing away, donating. I think it is important to live in the present, and to not live with a bunch of "stuff." I'm as romantic and sentimental as all of you, but I think we must declutter our lives. "Elegance is refusal" said Diana Vreeland. I agree.
  12. Oh my gosh, I feel similarly, and it is so nice to hear ALL of these great ideas. I kind of like the *donate it to a lady in need* idea the best, for me. Great thread, ladies.
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions thus far! Donating to a woman in need is a fabulous idea but this bag wouldn't help anyone's appearance. It's ragedy. I did go to Dooney & Bourkes website, it says that if a bag is beyond repair, they'll give a merchandise credit for one half the purchase price to be used towards another bag of about the same price. If I did this, someone (me or 2 dgtrs) would have to buy a Dooney and Bourke handbag. I think I'm gonna keep her and put some nice stuff in there for storage I guess. So she's now officially retired and all she has to do is sit there and safeguard some of my "things." I bet her shelfmates are envious now as she'll never have to go out in the blistering heat, ice cold winters or rainy springs.

    Thanks TPFers, now since I'm not alone with this, please post pics of your "retired" bags. I can't wait to see them all!
  14. I have my very first Dooney purse and I will NEVER sell it. I spent almost an entire paycheck on that bag and it is really near and dear to me. It has held up so well over the is over 20 years old. My much
    younger cousin found it in my closet and begged me to give it to her.....NO WAY!

  15. I've been thinking about a wall of hooks with old bags inside a closet to store scarves, socks, etc. You could hang pretty little hang tags (the same kind) from each one to label the contents and give the wall some unity.