Is there always birkin in Paris?

  1. Hi I'm new to hermes, and after looking through the posts, I'm thinking of getting a birkin too. Is birkin always available in all the stores in Paris, because I heard from my friends say that in Singapore, the waitlist is closed and they are no longer accepting any new orders.:sad:
  2. Hi welcome! Your friend is right about the Singapore wait list.

    Sorry I can't help you with your question. I hope the other ladies here can.

    What particular colour, size or leather are you considering?
  3. I don't think there's any guarantees, but your odds there are pretty good if you're not fussy about color. My boss went there in Sept and went to Hermes 2 or 3x for me while he was there, and was offered a blue one with PH one day and a gold one with GH another day, but I turned them down since they weren't what I was looking for. If you're open to colors, I would say your odds are good.
  4. I'm thinking of getting a violet or a red. I think the violet is pretty and the new "madder red" (I don't know if the name's correct) is very stunning too. I think a size 30cam would be nice, and normal leather (togo?). I hope someone can share and let me know if there's any chance of getting either one from Paris.
  5. Do you know if I place my order over the phone and have them shipped the bag to Singapore?
  6. Yep - "madder red" is also called "rouge garance" - that's the one I have - it's in my collection link! It's a gorgeous red... but I think I read on the board that violet is now discontinued?

    Mine wasn't from Paris, but one of the ladies here, TokyoTraveller, bought her rouge garance there recently - you have a chance if you go in at the right time. I remember her saying when they brought it out to show her, a small group of ladies crowded around and I'm sure one of them would have snapped it up if she hadn't!
  7. No violet, but there's still a chance of getting the red. Tweetie, do you have any pictures of your birkin posted anyway?
  8. No, they won't do that. You need to be in the shop personally to purchase one (you can have them ship it back to Singapore if you want).

    I would say that the more time you spend in Paris, the higher the chances of getting a Birkin of your choice. You need to drop by often since new bags are delivered all the time. When you get to know the SAs, they become much more helpful about your requests.

    Good luck!
  9. Thank you. Do you have any good boutiques (in Paris) to recommend or maybe all of them are good?