Is there a website for BalNY?

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  1. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I am considering purchasing my first BBag and have no idea whether BalNY is a website or not. If it is, can you post link?

    Besides ebay, where do you buy BBags online? What stores carry it (I am in Chicago area)?

    Thanks in advance! You all look great with your BBags!
  2. Hi afc, the Balenciaga website is Balenciaga

    I'm not from Chicago, but I've heard that Shirise carries Balenciaga (in the store, not on their website) Some Neiman's and Saks also carry them, so you might want to call your local ones and inquire.
  3. ^^^ Thanks spiralsnowman! :flowers:
  4. what color is that city bag they have on their website? photo number 6. it is sooo pretty! looks like a darker prettier rose....
  5. ^ I think that's the Rouge Vif under some reallllllly bright lighting :biggrin:
  6. I am in Chicago as well. They can be purchased at Blake 212 W. Chicago and Barneys. Saks and Neimans don't carry them in this area.
  7. aaaah well that's no fun! i was hoping it was some unknown color unreleased. :nuts:
  8. i don't really like the official website...there's not a lot to see...i prefer cruising through ebay :smile: