Is there a web site which lists past coach styles?

  1. I have a few bags which I don't know the "name" of--I'd love to just browse & see past styles. Any such site?

  2. That is awesome--thank you!!!
  3. You are most welcome! :yes:
  4. OK, have a coach neo, & legacy hobo...still looking for others. ANyone aware of a website which goes back further than this (1997)?
  5. Wow what a great resource! Makes me wonder if there's this secret closet at the Coach headquarters that has every single piece they made in every color! lol:drool:
  6. OMG, could you imagine??? :drool: :drool: I'd like to think that secret closet does exist. It puts a huge smile on my face. :roflmfao: :nuts:
  7. HAHAHA me too! :love: