Is there a way to wear thigh-high boots and not look like a stripper?

  1. I was browsing the Victoria's Secret shoe catalog today and came across two different styles of thigh-high boots. I asked my boyfriend what he thought of that look, and of course he was all over it. I remember a couple of seasons ago that several designers showed thigh-highs in their collections. Is there a way to look sexy and not sleazy wearing these? What do you think?

    Victoria's Secret (I think these are cute)

    Victoria's Secret (probably not for public display)

    Sergio Rossi (too clunky looking)

    Casadei (not crazy abot the gold strap)

  2. The 3 main ways to wear them, without looking overtly sexual, IMO, are;

    1. In suede (like the Sergio Rossi you thought looked too clunky)! Less shiny = less obviously sexy and the slouchiness of soft suede softens the look. As seen at Ralph Lauren.

    2. In a low heeled/flat sixties style (Chanel).

    3. In a slouchy, worn, vintage-look leather, piratey style (Christian Dior).
  3. Too-high heels and somewhat clunky platforms can break an otherwise excellent pair of boots IMHO. I have a pair of thigh-high matte leather boots with 2.5" stacked heels and no platform that I wear to work all the time in the winter that make the transition from boardroom to happy hour beautifully.
  4. Wow! Thigh-highs at work? I bet the guys like to be in your boardroom. :lol:
  5. haahh i loved the subj line of this thread so i had to come in and check it out. i think those leopard print thighhighs from vs are pretty hot, but the sports are a little too uniform and in a straight line to be realistic, but they still = love. i think it depends what you wear with them whether they are stripper-ish or not..
  6. I think the top half of your body had to be pretty covered up to wear thigh high boots. Thick Chloe Sevingy- no jewelry, sleeveless mock turtleneck mini dress with thigh high boots; not prostitute - skimpy minidress, big earrings and thigh high boots.

    I would purchase quality boots with simple, elegant lines- mcqueen, balenciaga and dior did some beautiful pairs in the last few years. I wouldnt look for a pair with an overly pointy toe, a platform or very much detail. simple, clean and elegant but the expanse of leg shown is what makes the boots sexy, but the lack of details and cheap material keeps them from being trampy.

    I would be more into a nude, brown or grey suede or non-shiny leather (never ever patent) than a black, which is pretty stark and is quite dramatic on the skin. I would not wear the leopard pair myself.
  7. I admit that I am no Jessica Alba, but she carries off the look just fine, IMO.

  8. I could never pull any of those off- I would think that you would need a really short skirt??? Not sure how to wear them.
  9. Wear them with a knee length skirt so there is no break of skin.

    Or a long loose tunic, a la Stella McCartney.

    I wear my over-the-knee boots with shorts and a flowy top.

    Round toe, flatter heeled boots are less tart than pointy toed stilettos.

    Only wear patent leather if it's a flat mod boot.
  10. Thanks for the ideas. I think matching with shorts would be totally cute.
  11. Posh looked great when she wore them over skinny jeans.

  12. You mean this look?

    She looks totally adorable. I would wear that look in a heartbeat. However, I think there is no way I could stuff my legs and a pair of jeans into a pair of thigh-high boots...but I sure would be willing to try.
  13. That is a cute look, I was actually thinking of the Roberto Cavalli stretch thigh highs she wore while shopping & taking photos of the paparzzi hounding her......too bad she had the lens cap on the whole time...LOL
  14. Another cute look with thigh-highs. I wish there was a better pic, and I wish I knew the brand.

  15. I see your problem. Those boots you picked up are way alluring. "Two-and-a-half feet of irresistible tubular SEX." ;)

    What everyone else said. Jeans are a safe, easy way to tone them down. I'd think that conservative clothing in general would offset them.