is there a way to tell which year a bag is from

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  1. by the serial number?

    I have a fab crochet bag that I purchased at a consignment store with the ID card & hologram sticker but I don't know when it's from

  2. CAn you post a picture please?
  3. Thanks for posting the link. Haven't seen that bag before so I'm not sure about its authenticity. I'm sure others will chime in.
  4. thanks for looking--I purchased it from a very reliable consignment store that got it from a fashion magazine editor they deal with frequently so I don't doubt its authenticity. I guess I could just ask them to find out what collection it is if no one knows....
  5. I've never seen that bag before, but it looks very interesting.. and that starting bid is a good start. But I don't know about finding the year.
  6. the # on my chanel bag begins with 7 and i was told my someone on one of the eBay forums that its from 2001/2002. i know in 2005 they went to 8 digits (beginning with 1) from 7 digits, so there's another way to tell.
  7. Very Pretty Bag
  8. I've never seen that style...
  9. That is probably the best avenue to tell -

    2005/2006 = begin with 9 or 10
    2005/2004 = begin with 9 or 8
    2004/2003 = begin with 8 or 7
    2002/2001 = begin with 7 or 6

    etc. etc. etc.

    Unless its an older model.
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