is there a way to stop the patina from turning color?

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  1. hello LV folks, i like mono speedy 30 alot and is very tempted to get one. But i will really hate the handles turning brown after usage. Is there anyway to prevent this from happening?
  2. no
  3. I know its their signature style but I wonder that the reason that Lv does it so that it forces us to keep on buying LV with new patina :confused1:

    Thats why I am loving epi right now...with gold hardware
  4. Nope. I have heard, though I don't know from experience, that some protector sprays can delay the process, but nothing can stop it... unless you only carry it in the dark, with gloves, on days with no humidity maybe ;)
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  5. I, for one, hate the patina process. I would love to have that look of new leather all the time. Sad to say, the patina will turn color eventually.
  6. yeah i expect it will turn color double quick here in Singapore with humidity high through out the year...:sad:

    Do all LV shops ard the world have the service of changing patinas?
  7. If you mean have the leather replaced, yes, you can have this done :yes: I know Charleston mom had the leather handles on her speedy replaced, it was $145 if memory serves me. HTH!
  8. thanks for all the replies!
  9. i wish there were a way to stop the patina process completly but I don't think there is.
  10. I don't think that there's a way to stop patina from occuring
  11. no. not at all, but you can slow the process by washing and fully drying your hands before touching it and try to keep it out of hte sun!
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