Is there a way to speed up the patina process?

  1. I recently got a bracelet in the natural bridle leather. My SA said that with time and use, it'll darken. At the moment, it's a bit too light and since I have very light skin, there's barely any contrasts. Is there a way to speed up the darkening process? My SA said to put it under the sun but is there a better way?
  2. Ahem....send it to me and I'll break it in for you.
  3. rub it!!
  4. :roflmfao:
  5. Use the saddle polish from Hermes, "Baume Renovant - l'Entretien pour le cuirs des sellerie".

    Apply a coat, and then leave it in the sun for ten minutes. Wipe off, and instant PATINA!

    I used it on my Barenia watch-strap and voila. Looks like I bought it years ago. When I get a 40cm Barenia Birkin(Darling, I truly hope you're reading this all the way in SG), it's the first thing I will do. I wouldn't want the straps turning black and the rest of the bag a totally different colour.
  6. just use it and enjoy the various stages. i wouldn't rush it. that will darken faster than you think. i would rather wear it and look at it and attribute the aging, etc. to use rather than a project i did to darken it.
  7. 40 cm Barenia Birkin, you are KILLIN' me eric!!!
    Nice to see you back, and I will definitely try the saddle polish on my new saddle (not my new bag)....cuz I want us to grow old together!!!

  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. Thanks Eric!! I'll check it out. Usually I like the leather color to remain light, but in this case I'd really like some contrast to my skin tone. I tried on the black one as well but that one was a bit too edgy for me.
  10. Dear Kou,

    Am not too sure whether the polish would work. It really depends on the type of leather the bracelet is made. Box will slowly have patina - can't rush this one. While barenia will have show old-world patination immediately! Cuir Bride will also have a patina after treatment with the saddle balm.

    I use John Lobbs leather creme on all my H Leather for deep cleaning - a once a year affair. Upholstery cleaner on my Garden Party and Herbag, and once every two to three months, the saddle balm for DEEP moisturisation. I use skincare principles for my face for all my H stuff.
  11. what about trying a different color? you didn't like the black but another color might come in that you would like better.
  12. ^^:yes::yes:
    Kou did you try rouge H? it looks really nice contrasting with light skin.

    patina wise..did you try LV forum? they have tons of info and crazy ideas about patina.
  13. Years ago, I would do this whenever I got a new LV bag (those classic Monogram bags with natural vache leather handle & trimmings). I even hung the bag outside the window on the bamboo stick (the SG girls would know what I mean :p ), DH thought I was mad.

    Anyway, it works. LOL!
  14. I agree with what Gigi says: light makes these vache naturelle leathers get darker, BUT, DO NOT put it in direct sunlight; direct sunlight damages all leathers, you can read it in the H care leaflet that comes with the bags. I have a LV Alma in total Vacchetta, and now I have a Birkin in Vache Naturelle aswell, and even if I'm not using the bag, I take it out of my closet for a few hours a day so that it gets some light. But I always make sure that the sun doesn't go directly on it.... Maybe with a small piece of leather (like your bracelet) it can't get much damage, but I certainly wouldn't leave a bag in the sun....
  15. ^^ completely agree w/duna -- direct sunlight baking on your bag can be very damaging.

    i take every piece of vache naturel and use my hermes saddle oil on it just as if it were a new bridle or saddle. this darkens the leather and gets the patina started -- and it also serves to protect the naked leather. it gets re-oiled occasionally but treated with leather baum on a regular basis. however, with all my years of cleaning and conditioning tack for the horses i'm pretty confident in my leather care skills -- it may not be for the faint of heart to start learning this stuff on hermes goods!

    eric, you're lucky you can get the hermes baum -- it's no longer available in the US because of a tiny amount of a petroleum product which tags it as a potential terrorist shipment (or something like that).