is there a way to ship without using "paypal shipping"

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  1. Someone just BIN'd a L.A.M.B. bag I had for sale, they sent payment on paypal but paypal held the payment until the buyer leaves feedback. WELL the buyer only has 1 feedback and it's from 2005, which makes me nervous.

    I want to ship the item somehow to ASSURE that they item will be 100% safe with her, however, I don't like the hassle of Paypal shipping forms.
  2. It's not really a hassle if you know your weight or use the flat rate. There is a slight discount online (at least with USPS).
    Otherwise you would just be standing in line at the PO and paying more.

    I think there may be other 3rd party services, but I don't see why you would use them because it's almost the same.

    To protect yourself with this buyer be sure to insure and use sig. confirmation (I'm sure you know that already).
    I don't know what else you could do that hasn't been mentioned other times. Good luck!
  3. yup! Only mail it to the address in the paypal Transaction Details page, Signature confirmation, pack it really well, insure it 100%, and keep great communication with her.
  4. But...if you still decide not to, you can ship it UPS or whatever you want to ship it and manually put in the tracking number in paypal so they have it. To do that, go to "Details" for the transaction. Then, scroll down near the bottom of the page and choose "Add Tracking Information." You can also add it on your ebay "Sold" page to be safe.
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    I second this. Very important to add the tracking number. PP will (usually) release your funds once it's delivered.

    If you plan on selling lots of items on *bay you might consider ordering flat rate priority boxes. They are free. Also, once you make the shipping label you can request carrier pickup.
  6. Set up an account with FedEx. I use them 90% of the time because they have wonderful tracking and are cheaper than paypal shipping through usps and ups.