Is there a way to get the yellowish twinge out of the lighter bags?

  1. Title says it all. The lovely PF member who purchased my sky blue twiggy sent me a pic of the bag in which you could see a yellowish hue on the back of the bag. It was something I never even noticed. I have left a message for a manager of Bal NY to call me back. Does anyone have any ideas for how to properly clean a bag and if that comes out?

    TIA! :smile:
  2. becca, yellow is a tough one... it is not dirt but fading of the color unevenly ....i wouldnt recommend dying the bag bc the texture will not be the same... i once purchased a bal bag that had been on display for a long time and that was what happened. i didnt do anything but enjoy the bag. good luck, i hope you can find an answer.:heart:
  3. Becca, would you mind posting the photo's that I emailed you. The yellow/ green marks are not in an even pattern, or all over the bag. Perhaps it is dye transfer, or something spilled on the bag?
    I am considering sending it off to to see if they can remove them professionally as it is quite noticeable. But it could cost up to $85 excluding shipping for this service : (

    I wish you well,

  4. Just for reference, this is an 05 Sky Blue Twiggy.

    I wish you well,

  5. Oh Snap!! I was going to send the bag to be professionally cleaned but decided to try (of all things) Coach's brand of leather cleaner. That $8 bucks saved my $1000 handbag! The stains are *completelycompletely* gone! I can't believe it. There was no colour stripped. I used a white cloth so I would be able to see if there was any stripping, you can see the greenish colour of whatever was on the bag on a tiny bit of the cloth, but no blue on the rest of it. I am so happy! I will recheck it in the sunlight tomorrow, but in the lamplight it looks fabulous! According to the cleaner instructions, I must wait 30 minutes, then I will condition it, then AG the hell out of it to keep it pristine. I also did the strap which I will try out with the Apple Care conditioner, and AG spray. Just in case there *could* be a chemical reaction! I'm so glad I tried it!! Oh so happy. I will introduce her tomorrow : )

    Thanks for your help Becca, you went beyond by calling BalNY and posting here. You also sent the bag out the morning after the auction ended (Friday and I received it today, Monday!)

    I wish you well,

  6. wow, that's amazing Bridget, thanks so much for posting!!!
  7. Hi Bridget: which Coach cleaner did you use? I have a bag with the same issue and would love to try the Coach cleaner on it....Thanks so much!
  8. Wow, what amazing results with a Coach cleaner. You're brave to try, lol. But well done. Thanks for the info!
  9. becca and bridget, great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Bridget: Thanks so much!! I am happy this worked so well for you,
    and I am going to try it too!