Is there a way to fold the Papillon for shipping?

  1. Did this come folded when I got it? *thinks*:hysteric:
  2. you can't fold it, because it's structured to look that way
  3. But where do i fold it?
  4. Wouldnt it mess up the shape and what not?

    I think folding it would be weird, just because it would crease, and look lumpy like the fake ones.
  5. can hold them just make sure to tell the receiver to stuff it with tissue when she gets it and maybe in a warm room temp. so that the canvas can soften and retain its papillon shape.
  6. Mine was definitely not folded when I bought mine. It was stuffed with paper.
  7. Grrrr. I will just find a box for it. I was hoping I could fold it like the Speedy, and use one of the Flat Rate Priority boxes!
  8. Thanks, ladies. Will let it maintain it's shape in shipping.
  9. sorry i just had to edit my post :shame:
  10. You can fold it if you really want it but I am afraid it will create the crease. Just unzipped the bag and fold it flat from both side.
  11. Please don't fold it! I cringed when I read that you want to fold the papillon. :Push: Just stuff it with tissue papers and mail it away.
  12. i agree with everyone else.
  13. Yeah, I wouldn't fold it like a Speedy can. I think that's the great part about a Papillon - it won't sag like crap like a well-used Speedy will. Stuff it and send it !
  14. I wouldn't fold it. Yikes!
  15. that's a no no!... you can't fold it..:yes: the shape will suffer:graucho: ... stuff it with papers, tissue etc..:love: