Is there a way to find when member quote you in threads?

  1. It would be helpful to help answer questions people have asked you in a thread by quoting you. Or to continue a within thread conversation. KWIM?

  2. I think you can just use the regular search tool on that thread, instead of searching for a specific user. Does that make sense? You'd just click "search this thread" at the top of the page, and then type in the user name in that box.
  3. Hmm. Kinda makes sense. I'm not looking for be quotted by a particular member just in general. I like to respond to people if and when they quote me.
  4. Well if I post in a thread & I think my post may warrant a reply then I usually subscribe to the thread so that I can check back easily
  5. :idea: Thats a good one
  6. You could search for your own username? If I'm understanding correctly.
  7. OP- i know exactly what you mean I just found a post that someone had quoted/asked me a question on... made a month ago! I felt so bad for not responding... I hope someday there will be a notification is we are "quoted"
  8. ^ Ah, I get it now, haha. That would definitely be helpful (if we could opt in to be notified if someone quotes us).