Tech Is there a way to find out who tried to hack into Windows Live email account?

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  1. On Tuesday and Wednesday this week I was sent a 'reset your password' email from Windows Live to my alternate email account, as someone must've attempted to hack into this and I'm guessing failed to enter the correct password on both days after several attempts. Both times that this attempted hacking occurred I was nowhere near my computer. I remember a while back I forgot my password and tried 3 times I believe with no success, and as a result Windows Live sent a 'reset your password' message to my alternate email. I am 99% certain I know who is responsible for trying to hack into my Windows Live account but I'd obviously like some proof before questioning this person about it.

    Does anyone know if it's possible to determine the IP address or any other information to identify the person who hacks into your email account, or attempts to? I've tried contacting Windows Live Customer Service but have not had any luck with that, or received a response on the forums either. Any advice or assistance would be much appreciated. TIA!
  2. I don't think there is a way for Windows Live Customer Service to even reveal that information.

    I would suggest that you change your alternate email account to a new one. And also consider changing the user IDs for your various accounts (banking, facebook, etc.).

    It is either a hacker or an ex-bf/gf that is attempting to fish for info.
  3. I doubt there's any way to find the information. Sorry about all of this :sad:
  4. Thanks for the advice. I actually believe it's my sister of all people. We had a major fight on Sunday and I was using the computer at my parents' house while staying with them. She lives there at the moment and was also accessing her Windows Live email account on that computer during my stay. I noticed her in the office typing away quite a few times. I left on Tuesday to head home, a 3 hour drive, and within 2 hours of me leaving someone tried to access my email account. I believe if the password is entered 3 times incorrectly a 'reset your password' message is sent to the alternate email account. That happened 2 hours after I left my parents' place on Tuesday and again around the same time on Wednesday. My sister was fishing for information about what I had been doing and saying, and without any answers I honestly believe she would've attempted to access my email account to find out. I spoke to my mother today and she confirmed that my sister was in the office both days that the attempted hacking took place. Go figure.
  5. how old is your sister? she should know better altho that has never stopped anyone. such a shame.
  6. Just change your password, and your hints.. I would also change your birthdate if you can.. ( even just the yr) so that this person isnt able to answer any of the hint questions...
    If you have another email addy, use it as your alternate as well.

    Msn/hotmail isnt able to give you that information. They are limited in customer service with what they have access too, and they only monitor paid accounts.

  7. Thanks for the tip Bag Fetish. :flowers: I have changed everything on my Live account (password, security question, etc.) and am considering using another email address as my main one now, just in case.

    twin53, my sister is 26. :rolleyes: