Is there a way to find out how much an item sold for that I forgot to watch?

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  1. The other day I was browsing ebay and saw a pair of shoes I was interested in. While looking at the shoes, my DH called to me that our water heater was leaking and had burst. I shut the computer off and did not have a chance to put the item in watch. I thought that the item ended this afternoon, but when I logged onto ebay the shoes were gone, and I believe the auction ended earlier. I cannot remember the sellers id as I was pulled away so quickly.
    Is there any way for me to search to see if the shoes sold and for how much, without having watched the item or knowing the sellers id? I know the name and description of the shoes and the date the auction ended and I am wondering if I can get the info from this?
  2. Hi
    You just click on Advanced Search and fill in the name of the shoes and click the Completely Listing box and a list will come up. If the list is really long, you can select the Recently Ended on the top right as your shoes ended early.