Is there a way o get paid with PayPal and avoid chargeback?

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  1. The reason I'm asking is because when you request money from PayPal there's the service and cash advance option to request it. I need to know because my ex just told me he can send me money thru PayPal for my daughter but I just don't trust him and I want to request it the safest way.

    So if I request the money thru cash advance, can they still file a chargeback? :shrugs:
  2. If you do an instant transfer with the bank account (and not use a credit card), I don't think you can do a chargeback.

    Tell him to link his bank account and do an instant transfer that way.
  3. I've sent money to my mom that way, because we sell a lot of items on eBay jointly. So instead of writing her a check and having her go to the bank, it's the easy (and lazy!) way of doing things.
  4. If he send funds from a cc he can do a chargeback, but if he sends you funded paypal from a bank account, I don't think he can get it back on a whim. If you have an upgraded account you will be charged a fee for receiving money, no matter how its funded. I have 2 Paypal accounts for this reason, when I sell on other sites I ask for funded PayPal only, no credit card and I never incur fees but it is a personal acct. For eBay I have a business account which incurs fees no matter where the $$ comes from.
    Hope that helps.