Is there a waitlist...

  1. for the glazed black Modern Chain Tote E/W? I saw pictures of it this weekend and I'm dying here!!! Too beautiful!

    Is there a waitlist that I have to put my name down in or is it available for purchase now? Does anyone know how much this is?
  2. You should call NM, Saks, Norsdstrom, Bloomie, and Chanel 800 number to find out... and check the Ref Lib the MC ref thread for prices info
  3. I have seen it around. Try Saks or Chanel boutiques.
  4. NM Palo Alto, CA had it last week. 650-329-3300 ask for Linda - Chanel Handbags Specialist
  5. Nordstrom Mall of America has one right now that is available.
  6. Thanks peeps! I'm so relieved to know its still available :smile: