is there a waitlist right now for Damier Azur??

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  1. does anyone know??
  2. for the speedy i think so, but other accessories depends on store's stock :smile: Call 866 to have them locate a piece for you if your store don't have it, good luck!
  3. thanks!
  4. for speedy, yes, i have been waiting a month already for mine. it's so hard :sad:
  5. I've been waiting more than a month for Noe ~ still waiting ~:sad:
  6. It is part of the permanent collection now so you will get one eventually, but I would for sure get your name on the list either at a store or 866.
  7. You can put your name on the list, but they're expecting a new shipment before the end of January.
  8.! I hope the shipment will arrive b4 21st.
  9. you and me both. i'm getting so antsy looking at other lucky tPFers that have theirs already :sad:
  10. Me too:sad: I have been waiting since b4 Christmas. Hopefully they will come in b4 Valentines day.
  11. I'm crossing my fingers for 17th! So, are we going to be twins. I have my name down for the Noe since they were not released in the US.
  12. me too, I have never seen anyone carrying Noe in NY.
  13. I think everything right is waitlisted some of the boutiques may have one or two saleyas but different stores will have diff sizes and what not

    good luck
  14. when you waitlist, do they take your cc and tell you that they are going to charge your account when it arrives?
  15. When calling the 866 number they request that I leave a cc but when it's through the boutique, they just take down my name and number.