Is there a waitlist for the Trevi PM?

  1. and does anyone know if this is LE item or if its going to be in regular rotation from now on?

  2. It's not a limited edition:smile:.
  3. i don't think there's a waitlist, but i'm not 100% sure...they're available at my local LV.
  4. PHEW~! good thing they're not LE. I CANNOT buy another bag right now but I am sorely tempted!
  5. I'm glad it's not LE, too. Can't afford it right now!!
  6. For those that own this... does the bag get crushed (dented in on the sides) when you carry it using the handles on your shoulder and you put your arm down? I notice this happens with my Viva Cite and it drives me bananas!
  7. it's not LE...the trevi is sold out at my store but there are lots at holt renfrew in canada. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee the trevi PM btw. such a versatile, elegant bag :smile:
  8. It is not limited. I saw one on Eluxury today.
  9. When are they going to have them back on eluxury....grrrr.
  10. Can you tell me where on Eluxury did you see the trevi pm? I have been looking.......Thanks
  11. Don't know but you can get it anytime here :smile:
  12. I have looked and looked but have not seen it. Dell said she had seen it but I have not.
  13. well the Trevi has a wait list at the Vancouver LV store. it's been very popular here!! that, and it looks FAB :biggrin: love it!!
  14. i've begun a serious search for my first LV and this trevi looks TDF!!!! does anyone know when it came out and if they are sold out/wait listed at NYC boutiques? it's not listed on elux anymore =*(
    any gripes on it for those who own it? thanks...
  15. Hi, My first post here! I'm gog Paris in Dec and will seriously hope a kind soul in Paris/france can give me some updates on the PRICES on the below bags I'm aiming to buy. I'm looking at max 3 bags (1 courtesy frm my hubby!). They are (1) Damier Hampstead MM, (2) Damier Trevi MM (or do they only have PM?? Anyway preferably the medium size one), Mini Lin Speedy 30, Damier Speedy 25. I'm soooo excited as it's much cheaper there in Paris then in Singapore!

    So can someone pls help provide some info! =)