Is there a waiting list of Apple bbag?

  1. My friend just tried to get her assistant to get an apple b-bag and she was told there was a waiting list to get on and that they aren't available for purchase right now.

    I personally think she didn't try hard enough but figured you ladies would know. is this true??
  2. The apple green color is no longer being produced, so the chances of finding an authentic one in a retail location is slim. You can find them on eBay occasionally, plus a very sweet PF member is selling hers now...check out The Marketplace :biggrin:
  3. totally agree with smallfry... the colour isn't made anymore - good luck with the b-bag hunt!
  4. I called Balenciaga in New York last night actually to ask about the apple color & they said they do not have any & had no access to one at the moment. I'm just keeping a look out on ebay & hoping for the best!
  5. thats the best idea-

    and get an eBay email notification... so when "balenciaga apple" pops up- it gets emailed to you asap!
  6. ohhh ok - see I KNEW you ladies would know the real deal! hahaha ok I just told my friend. I'm gonna show her the PF forum listing and see if she is interested - thanks all!! I DO NOT want to deal with ebay again - I had a fake nightmare from ebay and am DONE with that site!
  7. I am keeping my eye out for all of you lovely girls who are apple hunting. I have a list on my desk of everyone looking for one. As soon as I find one, I will PM everyone!
  8. t is such a great color- good luck with your hunt! But definitely check out the marketplace like smallfry said! You might just get lucky!