is there a wait list for the new vernis color?

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  1. or the new epi color?
  2. k i'm soo behind in LV news so sorry if this is the dumbest question ever but what are the new vernis and epi colors?
  3. Epi is some white color and for the vernis, it's a candy apple red.
  4. don't think there's a wait list for those....
  5. Can't wait to see the white epi!:yes:
  6. No, not yet. Maybe at the end of December??
  7. yeah, im just worried about the vernis. im sure the epi won't be so hyped. but i don't want the red to be like marshmallow.
  8. Me too! I can't wait to finally see epi in white- not that nasty, dilluted vanilla :yucky:
  9. oooo candy apple red? I might have to get a cles. I LOVE vernis cles's! I might start collecting them.
  10. i'd love a white epi speedy..yum!
  11. :yes: Agreed! Would like that too
  12. thanks Katie!
  13. When will these new colors be out??

    OMG I would DIE for a white epi speedy!!!
  14. My SA said for the new vernis end of Jan or early Feb:yes:
  15. i don't think there's a list for those cuz they are regular line :smile: