Is there a truffe or griege twiggy out there?

  1. I'm located in Australia and none of the stores who stock Bbags have these colors left. Plus missed out on a griege twiggy on eBay a week ago.
    Hope someone can help.
  2. Hi! I ordered my Truffle Twiggy from Bob Ellis ( in Charleston several months ago. You might want to check with them to see if they have anymore in stock. Ask for Bill. This pic is posted on their private listing site...I think it's Truffle but it may be Cafe, kind of hard to tell sometimes....they were also having a sale last week...25% off! HTH! :heart:
  3. there is a griege twiggy at NM Denver
    hope that helps!
  4. I called Bob Ellis today and the man who answered said they had no more Balenciagas.
  5. thanks for your help everyone:tup:
  6. I purchased a truffle twiggy earlier this morning directly from the NY Balenciaga.... they may have more in stock. I hope that helps...;)