Is there a tPF hang tag Three of us almost ran into each other at the outlet

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  1. deleckidesign, cornflakeGirl & lizmil. Is there a tPF hang tag so we can identify each other. If not there should be!

  2. It's like we knew the others were going! The outlets just drew us all in on the same day/time :smile:

    Next time I'm going I'll post on the BR shopping thread and what bag I'll be carrying!
  3. How fun! Whenever I see people carrying authentic Coach I always wonder if they're members here. How did you know who each other were? Or did you find out you were all there around the same time after you left?
  4. We should get hangtags made for us coachies...:biggrin:
  5. ^^We TOTALLY should! :yes:
  6. OMG! This is too funny! I was thinking about this the other day when i was at Kohl's. The lady in front of me had a sabrina and it was all dressy up....and I thought maybe she comes to the forum too!

  7. Where have you been stranger? ;) I haven't seen you in forever on here!!
  8. Hey! I know, I've been lacking in the TPF dept lately. But my internet was down for a while at home, and my work internet *gasp* filters out TPF! :pout:
    Everything is hooked back up and running smoothly at home now at least, so I'll be back in force now! Look out! :biggrin:
  9. YAY! Nice! ;)

    So whose gonna make the hangtags? LOL
  10. Awesome idea about the hang tag! And I always wonder whether I'm shopping alongside other tPF Coachies when I'm at the outlet, too :yes:
  11. I know, I want to know if I ever run into a coachie...

    They should just be a leather hangtag or little charm and they should say:

    Coachies Unite or TPF Coachie

  12. There are places online that make customized keychains like this one (not my site) it wouldn't be too hard. We'd just have to settle on a about something like this>>:tpfrox: but work the word Coachie in there, lol...
  13. haha, but then we would all have to decide on silver or brass, LOL or else get one of each! haha... hmmm we should have something thats just "coachies" though, KWIM? I know that there are some other girls that did something for TPF too I think, but we should have something just for the coach girls ;)
  14. Can't we get Coach to do it & it has to have purple on it because it was my idea!!
  15. LMAO... sure, purple is definitely ok w/me, but you'll have to be the one to contact coach and persuade them that the coachies on TPF want hangtags specifically for us, LMAO! ;)