Is there a time of the year when bbags on Ebay are less expensive?


hello lovely purses!
Nov 8, 2006
Hi all,

This is my very first post on the Purse Forum and wanted to say "hi" to you all....:smile:

I recently purchased my first First (hehehe) a month ago, and I've been browsing this forum ever since. I've also been browsing Ebay, and since I'm new to this whole "bbag" thing, I'm wondering if prices for bbags on Ebay ever fluctuate based on season..For example, I'm wondering if prices are higher right now due to the holiday season, or if they are always at this level?

Thanks for your help in advance!!
I can't answer your question but I sometimes think maybe the selection is not very good this time of year because people are busy planning for Christmas and don't have time to list their bags. I bet there will be more right around the first of the year when the credit card bills start coming in and people need to pay them. But unfortunately, noone will probably be able to afford to buy them then. haha. This is all speculation. I have no idea.

I have a bunch of baby stuff I want to list but I want to wait until around Feb or March because I don't think January is generally a good time to be a seller on Ebay.
I don't think the price of bbags on Ebay fluctuate according to "seasons". Generally, sellers try to recoup the original price they paid for the bags if they aren't in bad condition. If you keep your eyes out, you may sometimes get a good deal when sellers relist an item that hasn't sold for a while. Mostly, the good prices depend on luck, and whose fingers are fastest:graucho:
I notice the selection of B-bags on ebay during this holiday isn't really great BUT it is cheaper than other times. Ebay is really slow right now so you can sometimes catch good bargains at this time.