is there a thread for help posting on ebay?

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  1. I have a 100% positive feedback rating on ebay and have been posting some fantastic deals but getting no sales. is there a thread where i can get advice? I'm willing to provide email/ebay id to show i'm not a fake poster. I'm just sad because need help apparently!
  2. I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, sorry!:shame:
    There's no way you can post your ID or auctions here, we don't allow that.
    But, are you asking for help?
  3. yes i'm asking for help! it seems as though everyone's auctions are selling but mine, and I'm not asking for any outrageous prices. is there a place where i can get help here?? the ebay forums have been less than helpful.
  4. just last week, someone sold the exact same shoes as mine, same condition, and they sold for $75 more. i must be doing something wrong or sounding weird in my postings maybe??
  5. You can ask for help indeed, just make sure you stick to our rules:yes:

    Did they have more feedback/positive feedback than you?
    Use more attractive templates, better descriptions/photos, etc. . . .?
  6. ^ Believe me, yours are not the only auctions not selling. Sales, generally speaking, have been super slow since the economic meltdown a few months ago. There is just no way everyone's are selling but yours.

    Many factors encourage or discourage buyers from bidding: price, quantity and quality of photos, wording used in the description, seller's feedback (% and number of transactions), timing, auction vs fixed-price format, etc.

    Since you have been observing other sellers' auctions, I would study them carefully to identify some of the common denominators, that is, whatever it is that seems to be working for them.
  7. sorry, swanky, i was typing when you posted
  8. i don't think so! it seems to vary. some of them have just one line and thats it. I make sure to include pics of all angles and of the bottoms (mostly shoes i'm selling). I wonder if it's because i start the bidding at my reserve price instead of setting a reserve price and making a lower bidding price? I mean, it could just be the economy :smile: I have a 64 feedback, so maybe that's my problem? I mean, I'm selling the shoes at at least 50% of orig retail so I'm not sure what else i can do. some of the auctions with the crappiest pics and descrips end up selling. thanks in advance for any advice
  9. me too- thank you both...
  10. now the big dilemma is which shoes to keep as an 'investment' to sell when things get better lol. It's also not helping that Ebay is limiting me to certain brands. I can't sell any of my used Dior stuff, used Gucci stuff, or used Prada stuff for another 30-90 days.
  11. ^ yup. those 30-restrictions are hindering a lot of sellers.
  12. If you're doing auction-style listings, a lot has to do with timing as well. I've found that has pretty helpful (and free) analysis of listings. Just sign up with a user name and you can search listings to see what are the best key words, what days and times are best, etc.
  13. Coming from both a buyer and a seller POV, I think having an auction start at the reserve price is fine because buyers know how much it is expected to be, at least. I hate auctions with a reserve and generally, I never bid on those because I wonder if it's a waste of my time because the reserve might be really high and not worth buying on eBay then.

    As for why some things sell, some things don't. There's not really an explanation for that. I've even watched several auctions with the same item (once with the same photos and template because apparently the two sellers were "friends") and even that sold with a $50 disparity. Sometimes, it's all about timing. Maybe one listing is ending sooner than the other. Or it's just timing. Like the first listing will generate more interest, thus more bidders driving up the price. Then subsequent listings will be lower because there's a lower demand.

    Oh, and sometimes it could be that the buyers are used to buying from that person. When I sold a ton of Juicy stuff last winter, I had a lady who drove up the prices on my listings and she bought a ton of stuff from me. I didn't know her personally, but she liked my customer service, s/h charges (esp. because I offered to combine for multiple purchases), etc. Plus, she knew I was legit. She was paying probably a good 10-20% more for my stuff than how similar auctions were going.

    More about timing. In this economy, it could be as simple as that. Typically, aim for close to pay day time as being the end of the auction. I know personally, I tend to peek at eBay listings for goodies around the time I know I'll get paid (15th and 30th of the month). In addition, you don't want auctions on a Friday night or Saturday because people are not sitting at home checking out eBay.
  14. ^I agree.

    I actually wait to list some things until I have a little colection of them to sell. If I have 5-6 similar items to sell at the same time they ALL sell better and for more than if I list them one at a time over a few weeks/months. If people see one thing they like of your's, they'll click to see more.
  15. thank you all so much :smile: