Is There A Such Thing As A Fake Fortuny Spy?

  1. Hi, I would really like to find a Fendi Fortuny spy and I am skeptical about buying on eBay because I do not want to end up with a fake!!! Is there a such thing as a fake fortuny spy? I have been told that the material is very hard to copy, so there is no such thing as a fortuny spy that is fake! Is this true?
  2. I haven't seen one yet because it IS very hard to copy, but I've heard that they make certain fakes and call them fortuny, but they are obvious fakes so you'd know when you see it. The last few ones on eBay were authenticated on the forum and were most probably real but we needed clearer pics of the hologram and serial strips.
  3. I used to own the bronze/turq. fortuny and I can't imagine you could fake that laser cut hologram leather. I bought and sold mine on eBay, so there are authentic fortunys to be gotten that way! :smile:
  4. ^ I agree. All the fortunys I've seen on ebay so far have been real.
  5. congrats on winning it! I had made an offer too but kinda regret that it wasn't the highest I could go. I'm glad one of us got it though. Please post pics whenever you can:yes:
  6. My general rule: EVERYTHING and ANYTHING can be faked and sold on ebay. Sad, but true. You MUST do your homework!!
  7. Thanks!!! I will definetly post pics when I get the bag!!! I'm pretty excited since this is my first Fendi bag...I saw the black leather one at Holt Renfew and I wanted to buy it but my bf said "no"!!! When we were in Fendi in Vegas, I tried to buy it again and he said "no!" Kinda weird that he liked the Fortuny spy thol!!! He said that the black spy looked like an old leather jacket lol!!! Oh well at least I get to have a spy now!!! Maybe I can get the black one next year when hes not looking...
  8. Yes, I am aware lol...I have been back to Hong Kong, so I know that literally everything can be replicated...kinda makes me sad:crybaby:

    I'm super anal about purchasing things on ebay...I just really wanted this particular spy...this will be my first and last purchase on Ebay...I will stick to Holt Renfew and the actual boutiques...Its not worth the stress!!!