Is there a Stam that is a shoulder bag (not a chain strap)?

  1. Can someone post a picture of a stam (or similiar to a stam) MJ bag that has a leather strap? I know there are a few types out there- just wondering if this bag exists
  2. Hmm... none that I know of except the resort bags with the diagonal zippers. Those have canvas straps that can be worn crossbody.
  3. I've never seen a Stam-style bag with anything other than a chain strap. There are quilted leather bags that have leather straps, or partial chain straps with leather shoulder pads, but I haven't seen anything that looks like a Stam.

    Is there a reason you don't like the chain strap? I have a 1st season Baby Stam and a Mina bag and both of them are very easy to carry. The Mina is made from goat leather which weighs a lot less than calf. The chain is hollowed out so the bag is not as heavy as you might think. I actually tend to overload my bags & I haven't had any problems with the Mina weighing me down and/or hurting my shoulder (plus I have pretty bad back problems).

    I have ended up loving the Mina much more than I thought I would - it's actually satisfied my "need" for a Stam since I'd probably use the chain strap more often that the double handles.
  4. there's the 'karen' bag i think, that's a kisslock like the stam, but has a tortiseshell chain...and then if i recall correctly, there's another with silver and leather chains...
  5. There is the Stam hobo, shown here from eluxury.
    It is hobo style and has the one leather shoulder strap. You can remove the chain strap if you want to.
    Is this what you are referring to?
  6. Thanks for ^^^everyones replies --- actually the stam hobo is cute but not exactly what I was looking for (at least for now until I see it in person).

    I came across something that I might really like...what do you guys think of the Margot? Does anyone own one or have pics of one?
    It seems really nice!!