Is there a stage of patina when you can wear your bags in the rain?

  1. Can you even wear a bag with vachetta worry free in the rain?
  2. Yes.
  3. Yes, I'm already at that stage. I take care of my bags but I use it a lot and it patina'd to a point where it's dark enough that droplets get on it and doesn't change the color when it dries.
  4. How much patina is needed?
  5. Good Question. I would like to know! :yes:
  6. Yes, you can! It really takes a while though, depending on how far along your patina is (which in turn depends on how frequently you use your bag and in which weather conditions), I'd say more or less a year (can vary though!) and the leather should be a golden honey brown. Don't worry too much about water stains though as they will blend in with time, just try to avoid heavy downpours where rain droplets are big and heavy as they can leave watermarks, especially on new/relatively new vachetta. :shame:
  7. it never bothered me... new or well used. i like my bags being 'used'
  8. I have been caught in the rain with my paino bag, which has fairly dark patina and it dried and looks fine.

    this past weekend i was out and had my denim speedy which is very light. The rain dried and no issues :smile: * I have also used shining monkey on my denim bag.
    In any event it looks fine and i'm no longer worried about taking it out.
  9. Naturally when the patina is light, water would leave stains. If it reaches to a point when the patina is as dark as the water stain would be (usually it's not really all that dark unless you SOAK the vachetta) the it has no effect on it.

    You can always treat your patina regardless of how far along it is to protect it from waterstains. This protectant does not change the patina in anyway and rather protects the patina in case you are caught in a down pour. HTH
  10. I got caught in the rain w/ my Denim Speedy today. The vachetta is still very light, not much of a patina - it dried and everything looks fine. Don't be too afraid w/ your bags, use and enjoy them! :flowers:
  11. My bags have been in all sorts of conditions, I carry them so much. I've had one for two years, and the other for three years, and the patina on both looks great! i don't think you can really mess it up unless you just go out of your way to be careless with the bag.