Is there a size bigger than the large Veneta?

  1. I just got my large sage Veneta, and as fantastic as it is... if I ever get another color, it would have to be bigger. I thought I read somewhere that there was a jumbo size. Anyone know? Is it only a few colors, or only one season?

    And if not, is the Sloane bigger than the large Veneta? I also love the way the pyramid looks in photos, but apparently that's smaller than the sloane, right? Unfortunately, for some reason the campana doesn't really appeal to me. I like a lot of slumphy slouch!
  2. There's the maxi veneta for the fall/winter season which is the largest size veneta. Currently it is made in carmino, coral, noce, and blonde; there is also an unwoven studded black maxi veneta. I think the sloane is wider than the large veneta but not sure if it is longer than the veneta.

    The maxi veneta is shown on the BV website, the studded maxi veneta is on NM website. Hope this helps!
  3. thanks so much, o.b! Can you direct me to a photo of someone modelling the maxi size?
  4. Also... how much is the regular maxi (not studded or royal - the website only shows the royal maxi)? Thanks in advance!
  5. sorry, for the triple post, but there's no edit option - the maxi is only an inch bigger and not even as tall, according to the measurements given on the BV website. So I'm totally confused.
  6. yes, it does look, big, but if you check the measurements both on NM and BV... it's about an inch bigger in one direction, but smaller in the other. Very strange.
  7. Your right CuteUsername, I've seen the maxi royal veneta IRL and it did not seem much bigger that the Large Veneta. But bear in mind once the large veneta slouches it does look bigger, check out Mystilleto's pic in the action thread with her large veneta.
  8. cuteusername, I haven't tried on the maxi veneta IRL, but in pictures it looks much larger than the large. Maybe the proportions are slightly different (width, handle drop) making it feel larger in spite of similar measurements. The difficult thing is that the veneta will slouch and look longer after wearing it awhile, so it's hard to compare sizes based only on pictures. I do know that BV does not make a plain woven maxi veneta, at least not yet.
  9. you know what... my large is loosening up and already feels bigger!
  10. :nuts:
    That's great, is it not? BV sure amazes us in many different ways!!
  11. Wow! That was fast slouching! Yeah, the large veneta isn't exactly a small bag any way you look at it. Hopefully this bag satisfies your big bag desires, but I bet the maxi veneta would work if you're looking for bigger!
  12. cuteusername-i have tried the royal maxi and the studded maxi and they are huge irl. they seem much bigger than one inch. they seemed like luggage on me. i'm 5'4 and i felt they were way too big on me.
  13. Hi

    I have tried the maxi size on too. I'm just under 5 foot 10 and the bag is enormous. I have the regular large size and find it big enough. Once it slouches you can fit so much in.

  14. I was sad that the maxi wasn't larger. I stuck with my black large Veneta. :heart: