is there a shiny black classic flap with blackened new chain?

  1. i am still trying to replace my unwanted huge cabas and now the metallic black reissue is gone, booooohoooo.I can only get to the boutique on Saturday.

    but anyway the sa, who cannot email pics according to herself, has a shiny black calfskin jumbo flap bag similar to the classic flap but with mm lock and bijou chain.( not the washed leather one). She is keeping it on hold for me.

    The style number she has given me is 078A35656Y04.

    Does anyone know this bag? Of course I am going to check the flap reference thread so no need to provide a link there; it's just that I don't have much time to go through the entire thread and I can't do a search since I don't know the name.... :crybaby:

    It costs 1910 euros, which is the same amount as the washed caviar jumbo with mm lock and bijou chain...
  2. mistake on the style number...A35656Y04536

    but anyway...anyone seen/ have a bag that answers to this description?:shrugs: