Is there a set date for new 2008 styles?

  1. Hello wise purse ladies :smile:

    First post but I do lurk from time to time. I'm ready to take the plunge. I am sick of mediocre bags that are only sorta what I want. I am sick of cheap-o sale rack bags that fall apart. I do not do fakes (for the labor issues alone). I am ready to admit that I will not be spending a few thousand dollars on the Dior or Fendi bag of my dreams any time soon...

    *cough* Anyhow. I'm going to take the plunge and get a legacy leather shoulder bag (11127) but I'm wondering if I should wait for the 2008 model. I like the idea of a fun color but I like the brighter green of the new totes or the kelly green of a factory store bag I've seen at TJ Max rather than the more muted juniper. Is there a known date when the new 2008 colors/designs come out or should I take the plunge now (and get it in whiskey)?

  2. Coach changes about every month. So, if you don't see the color you want, wait a month or so.

    The Bleecker bags just changed color so this should be the spring colors. Anyone know for sure?

    Congrats on taking the plunge. I used to be the same way too (sale rack bags only). Now, I get what I want and love! Life is too short for a medicore fall apart stains easy bag!
  3. I read somewhere on here that the new 08 Legacy bags will debut mid March-April. As far as new colors, I did see in the red book a new denim embossed shoulder bag and a khaki/white sig shoulder bag coming out in Feb.. If you're not liking the colors out now, I would wait till Feb/March and see what debuts. Don't settle for whiskey unless you LOVE that color. THen again...I know how hard it is to wait when you're wanting a bag NOW!!!....:sweatdrop:
  4. It will be interesting to see what comes out...
    FYI: mom2boyz I am still loving that Choc Sig Bag...
  5. I got the leather legacy shoulder bag in Juniper for Christmas, but Ive put it away for springtime - and Im also curious as to what other colors will come out. I prefer the juniper to the kelly as it is more muted, but I think Im going to leave it in the box just in case!
  6. Hehe, thanks for the encouragement. I know I really should wait but I am really at that little kid jumping up and down point. "Want new bag nownownownow!"
    :hysteric: At moments like these it's hard to imagine that any university ever gave me a degree *is like, 5*. I wouldn't be having such a hard time if I didn't absolutely ADORE the green that the new Madeline tote (and I think the Bleeker duffle) comes in. Otherwise I am quite font of the whiskey.
  7. I'm hoping for more reds. Especially a nice deep red or even a fire engine red like the Chili Carly.