Is there a second cut Chanel sale after Xmas?

  1. And what happens to the bags that don't sell after the sales are over?

    I'm hoping to find an outdoor hobo that is marked down even further but this will be the first time ever purchasing something from a Chanel sale so unsure if this is feasible.
  2. NM sends theirs to Last Call.
  3. Thanks Swanky...will be heading to Woodbury Commons AFTER Christmas! :yes:
  4. Oh wow..didn't know that. I have one on my state not that far away from me so I might be stalking that place after Xmas! :graucho:
  5. The stores have a strange rotation., last year the Neiman's down here in Merrick Place sent their sale items out but did not disclose the locations to their SA's, I know because by mistake a St. John Jacket i had bought but not picked up got sent.,.....after my poor SA working her little butt off to find my jacket we found out that from Miami since the sale started earlier, everything from the sale went to Texas, and another state that now I forget, then after several rotations it makes its way to the Last Call stores but not necesarily in the state they started......go figure!!! anyway, she did trace my jacket or at least one like it and I got it back....I did call Texas that time on another item, and got it from one of the Texas store.....:heart:H

  6. I think this will be possible for you, but it won't be easy. My personal opinion is that the they items will go on sale on the 26th. Nordstrom and Saks stores will mark down at the same time.

    I agree that Neiman's does their "Final Cut" sale in a rotation, the northern stores go first and the southern stores last. By the time they get to the southern stores, they start consolidating bags from all the stores.

    Good luck!
  7. If only this happens in my country, sadly to say we don't see any chanel sale here...sigh!
  8. hab, NM usually send all tehir left overs to teh Last CAll warehouses and then the merchandise is sent to stores from there.
    That's why SA's have no idea where they'll end up. I don't know if it's truly random or if soemone at the warehouse knows which stores to send certain items to because they know which stores can move it faster.
    I know that although NM is based right here near me, my Last Call almost never has Chanel leather goods.
  9. oh, how i wish there were Chanel bags at my local NM Last Call....i have sometimes wondered if the SAs there call certain "elite" customers In the nanosecond it takes to bring the Chanels into their doors, and inform them that there are Chanel bags newly arrived...I have seen Gucci and MJ, and some plain looking Chanel necklaces, but never a Chanel bag......btw, there is a peach colored Cloudy Bundle on sale for about $1200 at my local Saks and i saw an outdoor Ligne there a couple of days ago also for around $1200. Call Marta at (561) 3939100, ask for Chanel purses, tell her Claudia sent you!!!!! hehe :upsidedown:
  10. Any more intel on whether second cut in the boutiques is the 26th? Thnx!