Scarves Is there a scarf slump?

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  1. Oh, dear, it takes FIVE YEARS to NOT be that sensible/stupid? I’m in more trouble than I thought. :shocked:
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  2. I think there is a real trend towards minimalism in all things which has been gaining momentum in the last 10 yrs via the younger generation including clothing items and I suspect this is coloring alot. Think of for example Victoria Beckham who started to forgo highheels, etc in favor of trainers, looser knits and such or Julie Pelipas( ukraine Vogue editor)with a very basic personal style( I have only ever seen one photo of her with a scarf) that favors mininalism including jewelry items( simple hoops, watch and bracelet) and there are so many more like this now
  3. I agree so many places ( consignment online from all over so it does not matter where you live anymore, items are easier to find). I have used realreal as well as vestiaire collective with great luck)
  4. Yes minimalism
    OK, to bring up persons with more exposure - to coin a pun - Kim Kardashian never carries a bag anymore for ex, it is all about the skin tight cut out clothes , makeup - yes, accessories -no , ditto for the sisters
    Mom still carries her Bs but no scarves
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  5. OH, those self-imposed rules can be so unhelpful in the long run! :hrmm:
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  6. I agree. While I applaud the younger generation for not wanting to clutter up their homes and lives (like their parents), I miss the idea of passing on heirlooms from generation to generation.
  7. YES ! Heirlooms are about memories eg my mother wore the scarf every fall to the Plaza for tea , but today's disposable - one wear - wardrobes leave far fewer memories
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  8. True. Note to younger members of the forum. Every piece of jewellery or scarves my mother gave/left mean a thousand times more to me than things bought by me. Everything I've bought I consider replaceable, not so with gifts or heirlooms.
  9. Most would be fashion insiders would wear a tea cosy on their heads if they considered it 'in' but fashion professionals have always gad pared down wardrobes, I think it's like cleansing the palate.

    Also is VB part of the younger gen? She's older than me. My students buy vintage and heap on accessories and most are 18-30, they just can't afford H.
  10. I have to wonder if it's actually that silk scarves are viewed as status symbols that's detrimental. I notice people with whom I interact tend to be more anxious when I wear them, where they fret over things they don't usually. I'd much rather have people around me at ease, so only wear silk scarves in more formal settings.
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