Is there a Rive Gauche that is...

  1. shorter? A friend of mine asked me about it yesterday but I had no clue about it. I thought all Rive Gauches were pretty big but she said this one was a satchel size that goes over the shoulder. :confused1:
  2. It's not the Maia or the Muse's rectangular though.
  3. There is a smaller version. You can see it on bluefly.I ordered one thinking it was the large because the original price bluefly listed matched the large rive gauche price.Very misleading.They also have the large muse listed as an oversize. Unbelievable.
  4. Yes! It's the Rive Gauche satchel. I posed a question about it a while back, but no one responded.

    Samantha - how was it? Or were you just disappointed because you thought it was the Rive Gauche?
  5. Actually,once I got over the size surprise,I really liked the the smaller proportions.It is more like the size of the large muse. I was not aware that a smaller version existed but I really do like it. I will be talking to bluefly about the misrepresentation in their description of the bag but I really like the bag and plan to keep it.Is this a size ysl still makes? Do you know what the retail on it is?
  6. This is a pic from the YSL F/W 06 catalogue of the Rive Gauche satchel (top) that I posted in a thread last August, when it first came out. It was $1,295 and came in black, anthracite (gray), and forest (green).

  7. Thanks for the pics Cosmopoliton. The bag I received from bluefly was not the satchel afterall.It looks just like the Rive Gauche bag but a little smaller.Any info? Thanks.
  8. I know what you're talking about. When YSL launched these bags last fall, there was the Rive Gauche satchel (shown in the top pic above) and there was the "regular" Rive Gauche tote that came in two different sizes. If you do a search on Rive Gauche, I think there has been discussion here on tPF about the different sizes in the past.
  9. I just found this info. about the Rive Gauche tote in an old thread posted by another member, writetoshirley:

    "It comes in 2 sizes -
    Medium: $1395, size of a laptop (but won't actually fit a laptop), probably ~9X12X3
    Large: $1495, definitely fit a Dell laptop and papers, ~12X15X4"
  10. Great!Thanks again.