Is there a reason why sellers post very blurry photos?

  1. just wanted to know. some of the photos are so blurry, I wonder why they bother to even post them on the item description? are we suppose to be wearing 3D glasses when looking at their posts?

    please fill me in, i dont get it:shrugs:
  2. 1. They have something to hide.

    2. They have poor photography skills.
  3. Agree with bag-mania, either they are deliberately blurry or they may just not know how to take good clear photos, especially of the close-up details. I know many people are not aware of the macro function on cameras.
  4. I have horrible photography skills, and my pics aren't blurry:p

    I agree with the others. Are ALL her pics blurry, even on other auctions??

    I would ask for more pics and see if she sends them, if not I would be nervous about bidding.

    Good luck

  5. I must say I owe a lot to whom ever it was that mentioned that "little flower" thing on the has done wonders for my skills;)
  6. My first thought would be that it was an old camera, or even a cameraphone, but if it was a high end item being sold I'd be suspicious.
  7. Some use their cell phones. I got a bag at a steal from aseller with very poor photos. She was good about answering questions but admitted that she had used her cell phone to take the photos. I got a $1200 bag for $150!!! It was mint, pristine, maybe carried a handful of times. The pictures had glare that looked like scratches on the leather.

    Some people are not looking to make money, just clean out their closets. Personally, you spend over 1K on a bag, why don't you have a good camera? Just my .02.
  8. Well, I had some blurry photos for a while b/c my camera was broken. It was a $600 camera that my friend dropped and broke and I felt bad asking her to pay for it to get fixed. I was selling $$$ things just fine (over 12K actually in just a few months) b/c of my feedback and quick responses to any questions.

    I understand now that cameras are very cheap, but I just realized this a couple of weeks ago when I purchased a new one. And, I drop 1K on ONE pair of shoes so I don't think it has anything to do with having money for a new camera or not. Everybody spends their money on different items. At the time, I would rather have spent $250 towards a new purchase, than on a new camera for my eBay selling.
  9. I have a very good camera and don't have a "macro function" or "little flower thing".
  10. I had to start pushing buttons to find mine......didn't know what it was or that I even had it.
  11. I agree with you to an extent but the truth is most people will make the assumption that a person buying a $1k bag will have at least a semi-decent camera. At the end of the day it's down to the individual listing, in some cases amazing photos aren't really needed.
  12. I have awful camera skills and I think my camera sucks too. I have posted blurry pics and in my description pointed out it was blurry but I posted because people will ask for that pic anyway. And I do have that little flower thing and it still won't take close ups of heat stamps etc and comes out blurry.
  13. Try not to use zoom or flash when you use the macro setting, dear!
  14. On my camera, in macro mode, if i hold the button down slightly with out pushing it all the way down I'll get a little signal that tells me if it's focused or not. Maybe try that. Also I'm no wiz a cameras, but I think some people are affraid they'll brake they're cameras if they push certain buttons. That wont happen. Dont be affraid of your camer, try different settings with it. You'll get it, you just have to mess around with it a bit.
  15. Good advice, beejerry! Also, if possible, use a tripod or set the camera down when taking macro shots. The slightest movement in macro mode can end up in a blurry shot.