Is There a Proper Etiquette Regarding an Ebay Auction?

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    Didn't know if there is a proper etiquette on TPF regarding an Ebay auction. If you are intending to bid on a bag and then you find out someone else is also, (fellow TPF member) do you need to extend a courtesy "by the way I am bidding too" or just carry on as if you didn't know the connection? Sorry, if this has been posted before, just didn't want to step on toes.:confused1:
  2. Honestly, it is fair game to bid on an auction that another pf'er is bidding on. It is entirely your call whether to do so. In my own experience, I refrain from bidding if it is one of my friends. But you have to do what you are comfortable with in the end!
  3. I don't think you should necessarily give something up just incase you might cause offense. Sometimes you should look after number 1. You can't go through life pandering to everyone except yourself. On ebay its fair game to anyone trying to win something. Don't be too hard on yourself.!
  4. I think you should just bid up to the price you are willing to go regardless of others. That is what an auction is all about.
  5. Thank you Jag for moving my misplaced thread. Thank you for the replies. I just had not run into the situation before where 2 people had posted regarding a particular bag that they both wanted. Just wanted advice from the experts here.
  6. You like the bag. You want the bag. Go for it! Good luck!
  7. Thank you karmenzsofia....I need to repeat your advice several times. I will go for it and thanks for the good luck wishes!:yes:
  8. I agree, don't worry about it too much. I fool around on eBay a lot and I'm sure unknowingly I have outbid and been outbid by tpF members before!
  9. if you want it get it :smile:

  10. Go for it and good luck.
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    If everyone keeps being polite all the time and respect others then there will be no problem bidding on a bag that YOU yourself want. Auctions are meant to be bid on...simple as that, and whoever is willing to pay the most will end up the winner. It might be a good idea to pm the seller to let them know you are interested in the bag or you might end up in a situation like I did...anoter member pursuaded the seller to end the listing and sell the bag to her even though she knew I wanted it but then again so did the seller and it was her choice (the seller should just have let the autction run its course IMO, fair for all parties involved). Good luck!

  12. I did just that lovely64; as soon as the listing showed up. Actually tried to do a BIN, but the seller wanted to run the auction out in full. So, they do know I want it. Wish me luck.