Is there a price you WON'T pay or that makes you hesitate?

  1. I ask because I seem to have no problem purchasing a Chanel around $1800 (2 of them, in fact), but hold my breath when I see $2000. I saw one a few weeks ago for $3995 and went (to myself) "Holy Moly, that is quite a bit for a PURSE". Yet, if I really really loved it, would I have gone down that path; don't know.

    What about everyone else? Do you hesitate when the $$ amount hits a certain point? Or do you just go for it? :p
  2. i think for now, i won't go for something beyond 2500$.
    but the figure changes after years, about 4 yrs ago, i won't buy bags over 100$, i can't afford more than that actually because i just quit from my office job and starting my own business.
    then about 3 yrs ago, i won't go over 500$, 2 yrs ago won't go over 1500$, now i purchase something more than 2000 and the limit is 2500 for me.

    maybe my limit will follow the amount of income i'm having and my life style :p
  3. my threshold is 2K, anything over 2K i just shake my head and walk away.
  4. My threshold just went up.
    $800 used to be my number before I found this place.
    Now it's something in the range of $2000...
  5. I completely agree with Seahorse--I can remember when buying a Coach was a rush... then I graduated up to Prada and LV--and when a bag was $1000 I would gasp.

    Once I leaped to Chanel, I am pretty Okay in the $1500-$2000 range, once it goes over $2000 I get a little shaky. I haven't exceeded $2500 yet, and I only have one bag that was over $2000 ($2350, Mod. Chain Tote). So I would say, $1500-$2000 is my comfort zone. $2500 is the limit (for now). :yes:
  6. my limit used to be 1k but after buying chanel its now 2k :sad:
  7. 2K is my threshhold of pain. Like the fendi spy, i really like it, but looking at that price tag...i slowly put it down and walk away.
  8. mine jump almost vertically:p

    b4 it was 500, now it's up to 3000 in 3 months:wtf:
  9. I've spent $3K (with tax) on a Chanel bag once but I don't think I would do it again. 99% of the very expensive purses just don't appeal to me: I'm not into exotic leather or funky designs.
  10. Currently I would say my Chanel purse "no brainer" range is between $1500 - $2k, anything over 2K I have to put some thought into it! :p Also, it would depend on the purse, I would never pay original price or anything over $1,200 for a Chloe bag, but on the other hand I would eventually like to get a birkin bag and those run upwards of $7K depending on the hw and leather! :sweatdrop:
  11. I was looking at Hermes Kelly around 5500. I almost put myself in debt 'cause I couldn't walk away. But God saved me :yes:
  12. oh yes, it's definately not more than 2K USD, even if I was a millionaire.
  13. My top threshold is $2,000 but I have to really love the purse and feel I will use it and it will bring compliments etc. and that it looks special and will not get dated too quickly.

    I just purchased the Chanel PST in black caviar with gold hardware for $1150 at Saks but I paid no tax and I got about $150 back in a gift card. I aso have a brown Cambon Reporter with the dark brown patent CC's which I got at an amazing sale at Bergdorfs this January for under $1200. I also have a personalized Goyard which I love and I got it for about $1100 at Barneys. That was a major purchase and I always feel speical using it.

    Now my next dilemma: I am pondering a Bottega Veneta. The prices are very high at about $1880 minus tax. While they are lovely are they as "special" as Chanel or would I be wiser sticking to Chanel???

    Thanks os much. I had a small Bottega once and no one ever noticed it!!!!!!

  14. I thought I was high roller when I went to LV and dropped $1300 for my Speedy and Keepall a few years ago. That was until last week when I marched in to NM and dropped $2250 (+tax) for my Jumbo Flap (black caviar w/silver). I was trying to be good and wait for the GST and keep it under $2000, but I couldn't help myself. It's fabulous!

    I had to swear to DH that I wouldn't go any higher than that on the next bag...we'll see!
  15. I love the buttery feel of BV bag compares to it imo. My biggest purchases have always been in the low $2000's but the luxe bowler I'm wait listed for is just under $3000 so my blood pressure is up. I can only justify it because it will be my first Chanel bag since the 1990's.