Is there a pPlace to sell slightly used makeup and brushes??? r/o please

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  1. Dear OP's, i am not sure if this allowed here. as i am not trying to sell anyone anything on this forum nor will i PM anyone to try and sell. i wish to stay within the tpf guidelines.

    here is my delima:

    *bay does not allow selling barely used MU (even if tried once). i know about the other site and i wrote them about it. it is allowed.. but goodness i can't imagine taking pics of hundreds of items. the listings would take forever. yikkies.

    i just want to get rid of a lot of it. i have stuff that is new as well. just way to much. throwing it away just doesn't sound feasble. that would be a waste.

    anyone know of a site that i can just my stuff ? this is all high end stuff and maybe recovering a few bucks for a $30 e/s is better than throwing it away. MUA is not a option considering it is just swapping for more MU.. :faint:
  2. I'm not sure what the other site is that you are referring to but how about selling a "Lot" of products not just individual items? This might make the task of listing them less tedious.
  3. You could swap them for other cosmetics and stuff on
  4. If you are a member of Specktra for a certain amount of time and have a certain amount of posts you can sell make-up there.
  5. forums has a sell and swap section as well.
  6. hi the other site is Bonanzle.
  7. haha.. MUA, that is what got me started. i have almost 400 tokens there. i am through swapping and i really don't want anymore MU..
  8. i am a member, only i think spectra is mostly MAC girls. thanks for the suggestion.
  9. oh.. i will check that one out. thanks..
  10. oh.. btw, yes, i will bulk them up on lots for sure!!
  11. I had great success swapping for gift cards on MUA. Especially if you don't mind taking a loss, I'm sure lots of gals would buy you a GC to the store of your choice. In two months I swapped for $500+ of GC's. Just don't expect a dollar for dollar exchange... you'll be taking a loss in terms of what you paid retail for your MU.

    Also, since you have so many tokens on MUA, you can try a Live Journal selling community. If it's not MAC, it probably won't go for much, but it's worth a try.
  12. Rather than selling your used makeup (even if it is only slightly used or tried), why don't you donate it to women's shelters? You could take a tax deduction, and you'd be giving some joy to some women who could use it!

  13. ^^ That's such a wonderful idea bisbee!! I do that with perfume samples and magazines.
  14. If you've bought it recently and just tried it, you could return it (depending on where you bought it). Not 100's of items- but maybe some of the more recently purchased? If you bought them at, for example, Nordstrom, return it for store credit & use it for a future purchase. For the rest of the products, I like the idea of donating them to a women's shelter.
  15. I've contacted women's shelters to donate makeup before, and you'd be surprised at how many of them don't accept used cosmetics (but they do accept shampoo, lotion, body wash, etc.). Just call around and hopefully there's one nearby that will take it.