is there a popular chanel style that you just don't get?

  1. sorry, for the many threads, feeling very "inspired"? today?
  2. Coco Cabas. Not my style.
  3. Coco Cabas.
  4. The one that looks like a shiny black garbage bag. All the others "ahhhh".
  5. i stay away from the Coco Cabas (both baby and original) also the cambon - to widely faked, like LV mono. i just don't like the styles!
  6. Coco Cabas never really did it for me. Although I do like it in navy and dark silver. Only those two colors got me thinking maybe I should get one.

    Also I don't really care for one of the new styles. I forget the name. Madison maybe? It's a flap bag that some people say looks like a ...., well a schlong. :lol:
  7. I don't care for the Cambon bags at all, although I like the shoes in that range. I just think it goes against what I think Chanel is about- which in my eyes is timelessness. And they are too faked- I've yet to come across a real one in my town! Don't flame me, just my opinion- I'm sure I own plenty of things that others would despise.
  8. I don't care for the "novelty" bags that Chanel comes out with from time to time, such as those with patterns or prints (hearts, baby animals, airplanes) or those with charms on them. I also don't care for pink bags. JMO

    Personally, I think these sorts of bags only "work" on a very young woman, maybe under 21 or perhaps 25. I can't see why a grown woman would want to carry such a bag--or spend so much money on one. Maybe I'm just too old and cranky! :nuts: I want my bags to be chic and glam, not cutesy.
  9. I don't like the Cambon line either. I think it's because it reminds me of the Michelin Man...the giant quilting and the huge CC's just don't do it for me.
  10. It seems that just when I accept that I just "dont get it" I end up getting it. I felt that way about the reissue. I was immune to it. Ended up getting two!
  11. lol, yeah, i know what you mean...sometimes they just start to grow on you, the more you look at them, the more attached you become to them.
  12. cambon bags, the new paris B bags ( look like cheap diaper bags IMO), vinly coco cabas bags and the bags that are in stores now with the words CHANEL written on them..oh and lets not forget the animal inspired bags or the symbol ones...who buys these?
  13. ^^ glad I wasn't the only one who thinks the paris biarritz bags are diaper bags!! i don't like them either. don't get me started on the baby animals flap!! UGH! who buys these childish bags.
    i'm glad ss 2007 isn't getting me all wanting everything in the store. i'm waiting for f/w 2007 to blow me away once again! :smile:
  14. The animal prints should not be on anything that is marked Chanel!!
  15. I would carry just about any Chanel bag except for a Pink Cambon. I wouldn't take it even if it were free (no offense).