Is there a polite way to decline Facebook friend requests from CO-WORKERS?

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  1. Or in my case, former co-workers?

    I really prefer to keep my Facebook personal. I do not want to befriend anyone I have a professional relationship with. But when I left my company, a bunch of my co-workers (who are all older than me) sent me friend-requests.

    I have nothing at all to hide, but Facebook is a different aspect of myself that I do not present professionally. It's like an escape, too, in a way, so I don't want it to be tainted by work.

    What's a polite way to decline a friend-request from a co-worker? Just ignore it and hope they don't notice?
  2. I would just ignore it. If they say something, then just tell them you only have family and close friends on it. There's some people that really don't want many friends, they just want a small circle of people on their Facebook. I think most people would understand that.
  3. If you aren't going to see them again it doesn't matter to not add them. If you will keep running into them and they ask you, it could be embarrassing. I would do what you want, you shouldn't feel bullied into adding people you don't want. X
  4. i just ignore it. if they bring it up later i just say that i dont really use it often because im not as familiar with it (which is true!!). then i tell them they can just email me if they need me because its the best way to get in contact with me.
  5. I agree with everyone else, just ignore their requests. They can't tell that you have ignored them (at least I don't think they can?)

  6. ITA, but don't forget to set your privacy settings so none of your co-workers can see who's on your friends' list. Just in case you put some of your co-workers on there already.
  7. I agree with the others to ignore. Intl, I am so with you on this one; there are things that are just way too TMI, IMO, about co-workers or former co-workers knowing about me and my life on Facebook [I just got started on it - love it!].

    As someone else posted, if for some reason one of these former co-workers asks you why you haven't added them, just say you prefer to keep your FB circle private. I think most reasonable people would understand.
  8. That's what I do too.
  9. I would ignore their request..But if you press the ignore button on fb so that the request goes away - they can technically tell you "ignored" them. If they search for you when it says add friend as long as you havent ignored their request it will say friend requested in grey ie its still pending. Once you have ignored their friend request it will come up as add friend. But i dont think many people are aware of that lol. Have you thought about adding them on a limited profile so they cant see anything other than your Date of birth, work info?
  10. In the future, make yourself un-searchable, so that only you have the ability to add people, and not vice versa.
  11. I've finally decided to add a bunch of current coworkers to Facebook - I created a group for them where I've shut down almost everything personal, including access to photo albums, notes and the wall, so any time I approve someone I put them automatically into this reduced access list.
  12. great idea.

    I would just ignore it... I had a TA from one of my classes try to add me (which was SO wierd) and ignored it and he never said anything.
  13. You can send a polite note telling them that you only use facebook for close friends/family. That's what my CEO did when one of my coworkers tried to add him.

    Or you can create a limited profile where they can only see your work info and profile picture.
  14. If it comes down to it and there's no way to get around ignoring them, you could just add them and create a special "work" list in your privacy settings. That way all your co-workers would be restricted from seeing anything you prefer to keep private but you'd have added them to appease them.
  15. Yet another reason not to have a facebook account. The privacy settings mean nothing, there are ways to get around them. If you are going to have any kind of facebook/myspace/internet ANYTHING be sure and have only content on there that you are comfortable with being public. There is no such thing as "privacy" on the internet. Trust me.