Is there a pochette accessoire size between the mini and regular?

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  1. I was gifted a pochette that looks like a smaller version of the pochette NM. Exact same shape and same handle, just smaller. It is bigger than the mini pochette but smaller than a regular pochette. I have never seen this size and it is not on the site. I'm 100% sure it is authentic because it was gifted by someone who previously worked for LV. I was thinking maybe it was a replacement piece like an attachment to another bag. Similar to how the papillion or the bucket bag came with a small pouch attached. Has anyone come across a pochette that size?
  2. pictures would help?
  3. I will try when I get home. I don't have a pochette accessoire to compare it to in a picture though. It looks EXACTLY like a reg pochette accessoire just smaller.
  4. like you said, probably the attachment pochette that comes with the bucket bag. Thats the only thing i can think of thats between mini and regular pochette.
  5. The old model pochette accessoires?
  6. Can I post pictures from my phone?? I can't even find it at the moment to measure it but I have a picture of it on my phone. The drop of the handle seems like the size of the NM since I can wear it on my shoulder comfortably
  7. It's possible its the old model pochette with a replacement strap (possibly from the new model). Were you able to find a date code?
  8. It does. If can't find it for the life of me at the moment. I should've been more prepared before I posted!

    I always assumed the old and new model of the pochette were the same size except for the drop of the handle.
  9. Yes, my original pochette is smaller than the NM, hence the "new model" name that is sold now.
  10. The old version is 21 cm and the new i believe is 23 cm long. So the new version is definately bigger.
  11. I still haven't found my pochette to measure it, but I have this picture on my phone. Some of you said that it could be an old model pochette but I looked it up and I think mine is still smaller. From the pictures on the forum, the old style pochette has about 13 squares across (top row) mine is 11 squares across

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  12. I've been seeing lots of small pochettes in the 'what's in your bag' thread. Am also keen to know OPs question ?
  13. Sounds like the old model pochette. Enjoy it.
  14. I've never seen this particular size anywhere. So my question was if anyone else has. It is not a mini pochette, nor a regular pochette accessoires. Some said it could be an old model pochette but from pictures of those it seems like it is not that either because mine appears to be smaller. It was brand new when I received it. So my question was if anyone has or has seen this size or knows if it is a replacement piece.
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