is there a place here that is legal to post our ebay ids?

  1. is there a place here that is legal to post our eBay ids?
    just wondering. I know there is a marketplace here, and although I put in an application and can't wait to see it they will accept me, I was wondering if we could share ids outside of pm's.
  2. There isn't a place, because it's against tPF rules. :smile:
  3. The MP is so hard to enter. :sad: If you are on 700+ post and haven't got approval... I won't be able to enter anytime soon.
  4. anyone know WHY the MP is so hard to enter? to keep fakers out, im sure. but what does it take to get in?
  5. In all honesty I feel it would be beneficial to keep your e-Bay ID private.The reason being many people on these types of forums sell on e-Bay and at times may be offering an identical item,you could be setting yourself up to have your auction sabotaged by those whom you think you can trust.

    It has happened to me in the past so to be a bit safer I've decided to change my ID and keep it private from here on out.
  6. I agree! You never know if someone might take affront to something you said and then either keep bidding against you - or try to hurt you in some way. There are a lot of lurkers on here too. It always worries me too when I see too much personal information (i.e., pictures of beautiful young female children) - there are so many strange people out there in internet land!
  7. Absolutely - it is so easy to be caught out, sadly unanticipated things happen to kind, gentle people who believe the best of everyone who has access to the internet. I wish it were otherwise, but caution is a good watchword
  8. ^^ Thanks swanky mama! I haven't read those rules for a while. I don't think it was 500+ post when I last read it. Oh well, have to go post a little more.
  9. cat, charleston,miss sooki,swanky - thanks so much for the info! really, i appreciate you ponit of view. i did think it would be better to know who sells and who doesn't on here, feeling that it make more more authentic transactions, but i guess everything has a downside.

    i applied on pm, but didn't notice the 5 months required membership, selective reading i guess.
  10. ^ if you pay close attention in teh Forums, you can find out a lot of our member's IDs on eBay, ESPECIALLY in the Achtung Balenciaga Forum and some of the Authenticate This! stickies as people will posts fellow member's eBay auctions.;)
  11. swanky, you the swankiest!
  12. photoobsessive, you joined in october like I did, but I have about a quarter of your post count! Clearly I don't talk enough. :push: Thought I post this useless comment to increase my post count. lol
  13. I really think it's sort of silly to do post counts, a lot of posters post comments that don't really contribute to the thread like 'I LOVE IT!!!' when 50 other people before them already said the same thing (not that that's a bad thing!), but I personally tried to keep my posts longer to at least give a little contribution or in the very least express my opinion and give a reason why I like/dislike something.

    For example, in college they tried to make you do essays or papers with a word count, and honestly I just created a situation where people wrote in a more wordy manner than usual.