is there a place for a twilly addict?

  1. yaaaaaay so i am in the Hermes club officially now!! :party:
    came back from vacation with gifts and a few more other stuff :sweatdrop:

    truelly addicted!!

  2. these two are gifts for my two beloved sisters in law :heart:
    cant wait to give it to them! :yahoo:


    H_t1.jpg H_t2.jpg
  3. and these two are for me :shame:


    God i love the details on the tokyo one!! its just pure gorgeos!!


    H_t3.jpg H_t4.jpg H_t42.jpg
  4. Lovely choices!!! Such impeccable taste. I especially like the colourway on the cherry design, and what is the last one? De passage a Tokyo?

    Congrats and enjoy !!!! You must take them out soon.
  5. beautiful twillies.. I want a tokyo one!!!:drool::graucho:
  6. Oh my! I love every one of those!!
  7. they are wonderfull!enjoy!
  8. awwwww thanks so much sweet heart!! now someone assured me my sisters in law will love their gifts!! :jammin:
    i cant find the small catalog the lovely SA gave me so i can type the exact name of the last one.. but i believe yes.. its the full name u mentioned. i just called it the Tokyo one :shame: loool in the larger scarf size.. it came in other colors.. which are all TDF!!

    the cherry one is sooooo cute and feminine!! i saw a large scarf one with normal colored cherries and a brown background.. GOD it was beautiful! but unfortunately i dont wear large scarfs :shrugs:
  9. clinkenwar



    thank u all :heart:

  10. YET.......:graucho:

    u got me there!! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  12. Oh I love the brown colorway of "the tokyo one." I only saw that in a blue/green combo. I wonder what that would look like on a LV damier?? I just bought the berries twilly in the white/red colorway. I love it so much! Congrats on your Hermes purchases!!!
  13. thank u dearest :heart:

    oh dear!! thats wounderful!! did u say a berries in white red!! thats clearly TDF!! :yahoo: sweetie any pics u posted of that lovely twilly??

    i wish i had a damier item to model it for u sweet heart.. but i have only azur damier :smile: let me know if u want any pics :yes:
  14. so sorry ladies mix berries and cherries all the time!! looool
    they are pink berries :yes:
  15. There's just something so cute about a twilly. Adorable collection.