Is there a pink paddington bag?

  1. Hello, I'm new to this forum and also to Chloe. I've seen a very pretty pink paddington bag and was just wondering if Chloe actually made a pink one? Thank you
  2. I personally have never come across one!
  3. I'm almost positive there has never been a pink paddington.
  4. There is one that was a slight shade of pink but was a cream with the undertones of pink. I'm pretty sure there is no pink paddingtons unless someone can tell me I'm wrong.
  5. There was a Sable in 2005 which was a seashell pink.
  6. Thank you for your help - I think on this occasion I'll buy it because I like it, genuine or not!
  7. It's not the one listed on eBay Australia, is it? The one with a diamante padlock?

    If so, it is a hideous fake and it breaks my heart that the bidding is up to $450+ AUD! :cursing::yucky: You could get lucky and snag a genuine second-hand one for that price.
  8. OMG that finishing price! :cursing: :wtf: I paid less than that for my genuine Vegas!
  9. But ladies it's incredibly RARE JK that is awful but I don't think Kate 1265 cares:crybaby:
  10. I remember one time a girl with the most horrendous bubblegum pink Paddy came up to my friend and I & accused ME of having a fake, I have the SS05 bleu nuit. Oh how we laughed.

    I have seen many pink "Paddingtons" in my time, mostly on awful girls wearing tracksuits and too much blusher. Oh, and Jodie Marsh.
  11. OMG that's one fugly bag!
    I can't believe that some one paid A$790 for it - I pity the foo!!
  12. I didn't even think to look at the price...$790 for a fake now that's what I call stupid.

    x13 I'm surprised someone who carries a fake could call another girl out. Now that's balls
  13. OMG!!! I don't know whether to laugh or cry!!! That thing is beyond hideous :throwup:. The price is completely outrageous :wtf:. And, the thought of intentionally buying a fake makes me :cursing:.
  14. I am so tempted to contact that seller and give them a piece of my mind. :cursing:

    I saw a documentary on Burberry recently and apparently they employ 12 staff just to look out for fakes on eBay etc. I wonder if Chloe does the same? And even if they did, would they only be able to "report this item", the way we do, or would they have extra clout to get listings removed?