Is there a photo archive of Chanel bags/purses?

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  1. I would like to be able to check that some of the less familiar (or claimed to be vintage) Chanel designs seen on fBay and elsewhere on the www are "kosher" (not necessarily authentic bags, but actual Chanel designs) so as not to have to bother the generous and busy ladies on the AT thread unnecessarily. I've searched this forum but there are so many mentions of "archive" in various contexts but not the one I need. I've also had a look around Chanel's own website but got nowhere.

    If there is such a resource I'd be :woohoo: to be pointed to it.

  2. I think OP is asking for replicas of Chanel, if it is sorry we can't help you.

    I hope I am wrong though.
  3. Sorry if I was clumsy explaining - I simply would like to find photos of all the bags that Chanel has produced, so that if I see a bag that is not included in that collection/archive, then I wouldn't even bother looking further into its authenticity. It's such a pallaver asking sellers for extra photos, describing exactly what's req'd, and most of the time they don't respond - I expect that speaks volumes in itself!

    You'd think Chanel would have a "library" of bags, sorted by season and/or year...

    I've only recently decided to try to acquire a Chanel bag when I was investigating for a friend - I've become obsessed with it in fact, and as a sideline have developed a passion to expose fakes! I'm hoping it will pass ;)

    Thank you for replies, sorry to have alarmed you!

  4. Re-reading my OP, I can hardly blame you.

    Thank you for that particular link. I'm in no position to buy from a Chanel boutique, and from what I read here I'll get better quality for my money by going for a vintage model, as long as it's real! I'm after an everyday bag I can sling across my chest and prance along the High Street with it (I don't do malls) - not too big because I'm not tall and elegant - and I shan't worry if it gets a scuff or two because I'll never sell it.

    scylla... :blush: