is there a nice LV case for Nintendo DS Lite or what do you use?

  1. I have just been gifted a nintendo ds lite by my BF but I don't know where to buy a nice case...all I can find looks awful!
    where do you keepit?
  2. I don't have an LV case for it; I simply use a crystal case and that's it.

    Hmmm...I'm not sure what would fit the NDS lite...maybe the Okapi case pm/GM (not sure which one) or the pochette? (definite fit) Definitely not the mini pochette...ummm what about Antigua Plate PM/MM/GM? (whatever sizes it comes in...)
  3. Pochette Toilette 15/19?

    MC Pochette GM? (not sure if it opens wide enough though...)

    Macao Clutch?
  4. I'd like something that fits really well...I know Pucci made cases for PSP, but I haven't heard of designer or nice fashion case for NDS...all I can find is very childish...but I would be happy also with a Hello Kitty case as long as it fitted and looked nice
  5. I think Okapi case pm should do.
  6. The description for Okapi Case GM on the LV site says "This model can hold a Blackberry or a Nintendo DS Lite.".:yes:
  7. thanks, I don't seem to find it on the european sites though...don't know why. Hope they carry it here too
  8. Ah, I should've read the descriptions! LOL